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Why Choose Us?

Our Billing and Credentialing provide comprehensive medical credentialing for all healthcare providers who are eligible for credentialing with Medicare, Medicaid, or commercial insurance carriers. Medical credentialing enables healthcare providers to utilize the patient’s insurance to pay for medical services performed. The health care provider will have a dedicated medical credentialing coordinator who will ensure that all necessary documentation is collected and processed in accordance with each payer.

Our Credentialing Process

  1. Gathering credential documents

  2. Credential documents verification

  3. Suggest to update or how to obtain certain missing documents

  4. Payer application evaluation

  5. Application submission to payers

  6. Follow up with payers until the applications are approved

  7. Maintain provider data and CAQH profile


Credentialing Status 

  1. Weekly Status reports credentialing process

  2. Dedicated credentialing coordinator to assist  throughout the process

  3. Prior notifications of expired malpractice insurance, licenses, DEA, Board Certification etc

  4. Prior notification on hospital and  facility re-credentialing.

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